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TWS Earphone Vs Headphones

When choosing the best earphone, the most important thing to consider is the wired versus wireless one. A typical pair of wired headphones can cost more than twice the price of a wireless pair, but they will last longer than their wired counterparts. If you need to choose between the two, be sure to keep […]

How to Use Bluetooth 5.0 Earbuds

The TWS 5.0 earbuds can be used with a variety of devices, including your smartphone. The Bluetooth capability is convenient for many situations, from working out to listening to your favorite music. In addition, you can use them to listen to audiobooks, watch television, and sleep. They automatically turn on and off when you take […]

TWS Earphone Vs Wired Earphone

In this article, we’ll compare the wired and wireless versions of the same earphone. Wired headphones are generally cheaper, and wireless ones are more expensive. Both types work the same way. However, the wireless ones have more advanced audio quality. And because they’re not powered by a battery, they’re perfect for traveling. If you have […]